Buying Las Vegas Foreclosures

By Steve Harless - Blue Diamond  Realty LLC  - 702-217-1680

Click Here For The First Step In Finding The Right Foreclosure Las Vegas is the nuclear epicenter of foreclosure homes in North America. As a busy buyer's agent I often work more then 12 hours a day, seven days a week and write from 10-30 offers a week for my investors.  



Driving around aimlessly in a car looking for homes in Las Vegas without a copy of your financial statement on file and is a valuable waste of time. With the amount of limited inventory, the most desirable Las Vegas properties are in contract and sold within days of hitting the market, so in order to act from strength, I recommend that you need to be up and ready to purchase a property before you start looking for homes.

On cash offers made in Las Vegas/Henderson, the Bank/Seller will request a copy of the buyer's latest financial statement or certified cash funds with every offer submitted; Once we have established a working relationship, I  recommend printing out a copy of your latest financial statement, blacken out all the sensitive account information with a black marks-a-lot, print out and scan/email or fax to (702-933-8444) in order to work on your behalf.

Steve Harless works exclusively for you, not the banks; His job is to get you prepared to write offers and get them accepted. To have him start working for you, please advise him if you are interested in purchasing a home with a mortgage or if you are a cash buyer. It is not uncommon to put in four or five offers just to get one accepted by the bank; with that being said, successful buyer MUST HAVE patience.