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April 06, 2020
By John Ahlbrand, CRS®
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[Photo by Maria Lupan on Unsplash]


It's still cold here in Nevada, and may be for some time longer this year. Whether you'll want firewood for warming up or campfire roasting in the warmer months, here are some places where you might be able to acquire some excess lumber for free or near that:


  • Craigslist (often can be found under for sale > free)

  • Own forestation woodlot, if you have or are inclined to purchase the land

  • National Forests (check with the Bureau of Land Management Forest Product Permits for information specific to your locale) (note that National Forest are not National Parks, where cutting down trees is considered poaching)

  • Pallets (untreated wood) (also frequently given away free on Craigslist)

  • ChipDrop is a website you can register with for arborists to deposit wood ships or logs at your home for free

  • Logging, construction, or demolition zones – ask if you can snag some spare wood

  • City brush cleanup – ask your local city services when they have pick-up days scheduled to clean lawn waste (usually early Spring or Fall) and scan the streets for usable wood on that date

April 06, 2020
By John Ahlbrand, CRS®