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March 27, 2020
By John Ahlbrand
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Whether you are a new or seasoned resident of the Silver State, you probably would not have guessed nor been informed of these laws…

  • NRS 202.245: Fitting shoes using X-rays is a misdemeanor miscellaneous crime concerning public health.
  • NRS 203.115: It is unlawful (a crime against the public peace) for anyone to engage in criminal anarchy.
  • NRS 196.020: It is a category B felony to levy war against the people of the state.
  • NRS 201.150: To conceal a baby’s birth is a gross misdemeanor.
  • NRS 455A.100: Throwing items from a chairlift is prohibited.
  • NRS 503.005: Shooting animals from a plane is a misdemeanor.
  • NRS 199.370: A child guardian handing over a substitute child in place of the requested child is a category B felony.

Be well.

March 27, 2020
By John Ahlbrand