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January 29, 2020
By John Ahlbrand, CRS®
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Transforming your backyard as an extension of your living space has benefits such as adding usable space and increasing enjoyment of your home. Before getting started, define your goal on how you want to use the space – whether to create a relaxing retreat or for entertaining friends and family. You can start small when upgrading your outdoor space and add on as time goes by. Here are some ideas to make your backyard an oasis:

Living Space

Keep in mind your living room and kitchen when designing your backyard. Comfortable seating is a must, but beyond that are endless design possibilities. Installing a grilling station, adding a fireplace and setting up a bar are just some ideas to make your backyard feel part of your indoor living space.


Designing your backyard for entertainment purpose is also another idea to make it feel part of your indoor space. There are many different outdoor entertainment technologies in the market that you can incorporate such as music and speaker systems, lighting, all-weather television and theatre systems. Be aware that research needs to get done before purchasing outdoor products as some of them are not going to withstand all weather conditions. Be also mindful of the placement of the speakers so you don’t disturb your neighbors.

Functional Features

Other functional features that you can incorporate in your backyard living space are adding paved walkways, fire pit, lush vegetation and cooling mist. You can also include benches with built-in planters and tables with hidden drink wells.

January 29, 2020
By John Ahlbrand, CRS®